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Entertainment and events at the holiday park Domaine de Gavaudun

Barbecue bar-lounge for cottages resort and holiday park in Dordogne Lot Gavaudun   Table-tennis boules tournament for cottages resort and holiday park in Dordogne Lot Gavaudun   Entertainment events for cottages resort and holiday park in Dordogne Lot Gavaudun  


For your pleasure, we organize various activities in the summer, often at the request of our guests :

Program of activities :

The summer activities at the Domaine de Gavaudun


Seasons at vacation resort Domaine de Gavaudun

Outside of July-August, all the leisure facilities are available but services are limited (no restaurant, bar open on request, no entertainment organized).  At that time, the resort is very quiet and relaxing, except during some weekends when a specific event would be organized (wedding, family reunion, alumni meeting, ...). Come to relax, walk around and especially to visit our wonderful region, so rich in particular in the prehistoric and medieval fields.

In July-August, the holiday park comes alive with all the children running and playing and who are inherently noisier than deer in our meadows ...

We organize many activities for them and their parents.  If you do not plan to participate in these activities (especially tournaments and themed meals), it makes no sense to come here during the summer holidays.  On one hand you would suffer the disadvantages and secondly you would hamper other guests by depriving them from friendly contacts and potential partners.

If you come in family group, the Domaine de Gavaudun is the perfect place where to meet, but remember that other guests would also like to have a good holiday and there is nothing worse than feeling excluded ...

There again, please take part in the organized activities !


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